Carving system

We use a special swivel, to have the rear wheels independent from the front wheel. Smooth and Intuitively you will lean into each curve and notice the agility of the CARVY. 

It feels like surfing the street.

CARVY as electric lifting truck:
Do you want to tow yourself? No thanks!

Simply open the folding system, turn the handlebar around and the CARVY is your smart helper. Switched OFF it can be pulled manually like a pallet truck. When switched ON, the motor will support like an electric lifting truck. Just push the throttle in the first (slowest) speed setting and the CARVY does the whole work.

Example: carry a heavy gas bottle for your BBQ grill, camping or a beverage crate:

The CARVY can easily carry a load of 100 Kg. Very important is to secure heavy loads with a security strap or elastic, security bungee. 

Easy to carry 12,5 kg!

The sturdy frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, has excellent thermal conductivity and perfect durablility. With just 12,5kg, CARVY has an excellent portable size and weight. 

Very comfortable to carry over stairs and pavements. Two units fit easily into standard mid-claas cars.