As pioneers and founders of the original stunt scooter, meanwhile with more than 12 years of experience, it was our mission to think into the future about developing a portable, safe and comfortable electric scooter.


Early 2012 we bought some standard, two-wheeled electric scooters and tried to ride them for our daily commuter use. The results disappointed us very much. The scooters swayed a lot, felt very unsafe and uncomfortable. In addition, it was easy to tilt forward when braking. In a word, we put them aside and did not touch them anymore.


Since then, our company set up a special electric scooter, commuter and transport department.

Through almost a year of product research and continuous discussion, we reached a consensus at the end of 2012 that we must develop a safe, foldable, stable, comfortable and compact electric scooter. That day we started our 3-wheeled scooter concept development.


2013 we spent the whole year on making drawings and models. In 2014 we made a series of modifications and improvements in terms of product structure, shape, tires, battery structure and motor design. Finally, in 2016 we completed the first prototype sample.



This prototype had a series of minor issues that we improved. We made the turning more sensitive and smooth, made the folding working more effectively and optimized the whole construction. In 2017, through continuous optimizations and modifications, as well as testing, the results were amazing. Our final product was awarded with the gold medal for innovation and design at the China Bicycle Fair in 2018.