What is “beauty”? Striking, elegant, artistic, powerful, delicate and inspiring. These are definitions we use to describe a luxury car of highest performance. Today, a brand with advanced thinking uses the definition of "beauty" to build the most delicate electric scooter in history and will change the world of e-mobility forever: “LONGWAY e-mobility”.


All important technical acquisitions are inspired by mother nature, brought to perfection during millions of years of evolution.


The original LONGWAY CARVY conception is inspired by the Cheetah: 

  • small physique

  • light weight

  • agile
  • fast speed

  • powerful

  • tenacious

We succeeded to combine all of these attributes into one special, innovative, gold awarded electrical scooter:

What means “CARVY”?


It describes its unique, patented technical feature that allows a “carving” movement while riding it. The frame is not rigid like on every other scooter, it has a special swivel, to have the rear wheels independent from the front wheel. Smooth and Intuitively you will lean into each curve and notice the agility of the CARVY. It feels like surfing the street.

The carving system guarantees that the wheels will always have full grip on the street for maximum safety.


Why 3 wheels?

Being Innovative means to stand out in a crowd. The CARVY® is a perfect example what means to have USP.

To make the big difference to all regular, 2- wheel scooters we focused on combining the greatest riding experience, comfort, safety and the best possible, user-friendly handling together in one scooter.
The only logic result was a 3-wheeled concept.


1. No kickstand required

  • The CARVY® stands more stable on its own 3 wheels than any 2-wheel scooter, equipped with a kick stand.
  • It will not fall to any side even when standing on inclined undergrounds (all kickstands fail on uneven undergrounds).
  • it stands stable on wet grass or any other soft surface (all kickstands will fail here)
  • No damages due to falling to any side as this wont happen
  • No need to lean the scooter against a wall or other items
  • No maintenance or replacement costs for repairs due to above mentioned issues


2. Step on and go!

  • Switch the power button “ON”, step on the deck and start rolling in a second.
  • Step off and leave, you will never need to search a stable underground to unfold a kickstand or a wall to lean the scooter against.

3. Upright position with parallel feet

  • The extra wide deck is designed to stand in a relaxed, natural, upright position with the feet parallel instead of one foot after another. The natural position is gentle and comfortable for the whole body.

4. lowest possible center of gravity (protection of the battery)


  • the CARVY® has the lowest possible deck position to have the most comfortable ride and a perfect balance. This detail is very important for a safe handling and the users confidence in the scooter. We achieved this detail by mounting the battery in the rear part of the scooter instead of underneath the deck. A positive effect is that the battery is safe for being hit by objects.

5. Safety!

  • truly as one of the most important details, 3 wheels always offer more grip than 2 wheels.
  • The 3 wheels build a triangle, the strongest possible geometric form.
  • the CARVY® cant slip out on slippery or wet underground when riding through curves. The users weight and  motional stresses are distributed over the 3 wheels.